7 Tips for Mass Marketing Emails That Deliver Results

Mass marketing emails

According to a report by McKinsey, emails are 40 times more helpful in attracting new customers as compared to social media. 

In fact, in 2022 alone, 333.2 billion emails were reported to have been sent and received each day. 

Since people spend so much time in their inboxes, email remains one of the best and most effective ways to reach and engage customers and prospects. And thanks to mass email marketing, you don’t need to send each customer a separate email – you can send the same email to hundreds of customers.

Wondering how to do mass email marketing the right way? Let’s discuss!

What is Mass Email Marketing?

Mass email marketing, also known as bulk email marketing, refers to the process of sending out the same email to a group of people all at once. This technique is used for distributing information that doesn’t require a reply, such as promotions, offers, announcements, educational content, etc.  

With mass marketing email campaigns, companies are able to communicate with the target audience they want to reach, help them know about things, get them interested, and more, depending on the purpose of the emails.

Even though mass marketing emails are almost the same for everyone, they can still be customized if needed.

Source: Oberlo

Is Mass Email Marketing the Same as Email Blasting? 

Is mass email marketing the same as email blasting? No, they’re often used interchangeably, but there are some differences between the two.

Here is what sets them apart:

Personalization:  Mass marketing emails can be personalized to suit different groups of people based on things like age, interests, and behavior. Email blasts, though, don’t have this personal touch and are more general.

Targeting:  Mass marketing emails aim at different segments of the audience, so it’s more focused. On the other hand, email blasts just try to hit as many people as possible without any specific targeting.

Quality: While mass email marketing sends out a lot of emails, the quality is usually higher. This can lead to more interaction and positive outcomes. Email blasts, however, prioritize quantity over quality, so the emails might not be as good.

Relationship Building: Both techniques aim to reach a lot of people quickly, but mass marketing emails also try to form and nurture relationships with the recipients. Email blasts are more about getting the message out there fast.

So, even though they might sound similar, mass email marketing and email blasting have these differences that make them distinct.

Source: Mailmunch

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7 Best Practices for Mass Marketing Emails

In the past, mass email campaigns used to be all about sending identical emails to everyone on a company’s mass marketing email list. But as email filters have gotten more sophisticated, these emails often end up in spam folders. So, marketers have learned that personalization, automation, and tracking are key to making mass emails work better.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

1. Follow the CAN-SPAM Act

The CAN-SPAM Act that lays out the rules for what you can and can’t send in marketing emails and who you can send them to. You have to follow these rules, even for mass emails. Avoid sending out mass marketing emails with false or misleading info. Also, you should clearly label ads as ads and give people a way to opt out if they want to. Breaking these rules can lead to some hefty fines, so better to know them well.

Source: Salesblink

2. Pay attention to the design

Next, let’s talk about making your emails look eye-catching. The more people open your email, the more likely they are to do what you want them to do. Designing your email so it really clicks with your target audience is key. It’s like a mix of making it easy to read and making it look good. One way to go about this is to use fonts and formatting that work well on all devices, and don’t cram too much in there – people won’t read a big mess.

3. Make sure to choose the right plan

Now, there’s a trick to getting your mass marketing emails through to people’s inboxes. It’s all about making sure rhat the mass email marketing platform you use can handle the volume and can handle the load. If you’re sending emails to a ton of people, you might need to upgrade your plan. Some providers struggle when you send a lot at once, causing delays. So, making sure your provider can handle your emails is the first step to actually reaching your audience.

Source: SendX

4. Provide value

Here’s a biggie: your mass emails should actually matter to the people getting them. They should bring value. If they don’t, people won’t bother reading them. So, think about your audience and what they need. If you send useful stuff, people will pay attention.

5. Include a CTA button

CTA – the call to action is the part where you tell people what you want them to do. Like, you might have a button that says “Find out more” that takes them to your website. But you’ve got to be smart about it. Put the CTA in the right place, use the right words, and make it stand out. You want people to know what to do and feel like they want to do it.

Source: Engagebay

6. Use personalization

Personalization is a neat trick. When you make your emails feel like they were made just for each person, they’re more likely to be opened. Things like putting the person’s name in the subject line or sending special emails for birthdays can make a big difference. There are tools that can help with this, so you don’t have to do all the work.

7. Make it mobile friendly

Don’t forget about the mobile users. Lots of people check emails on their phones, so your emails need to look good on those tiny screens. Keep your subject lines short, pay attention to your images, and test your email on mobile before you send it out.

Lastly, here’s a list of things you should avoid like the plague when sending mass emails: don’t use new domains, don’t send to old or unverified lists, don’t mislead your recipients, and definitely don’t use clickbait. You’ll end up in the spam folder or worse, and you might even break the law.

Source: Campaign monitor


By following these tips for mass email marketing, you not only ensure that your emails reach your target audience, but also that they take action. Now, it’s time to put your knowledge and these best practices to test by sending out your first mass email marketing campaign or making any necessary improvements to your existing ones. Best of luck!

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