5 Best Strategies for Lead Generation for Chiropractors in 2023

lead generation for chiropractors

Lead generation is a crucial component for success in the chiropractic business. If done correctly it can help you to grow and retain your business!

According to HubSpot, lead generation is the top priority for marketers because it helps businesses to create an avenue to generate more revenue. This applies to the healthcare business aswell!

Let’s have a look at the 5 most effective practices for lead generation for chiropractors. 

5 Effective Strategies for Lead Generation for Chiropractors

We’ve listed some of the top strategies for lead generation for chiropractors to help you boost your business and increase your leads.

1. Create a Lead Magnet

For business to reach out to potential customers directly, they must have their name and email. However, one issue that most businesses face is that people aren’t interested in handing that information just like that. The solution is to offer something valuable in return.

When it comes to chiropractic business, there are two valuable incentives that can help do the trick: a free check-up or a free eBook. If you’re just starting your practice, offering a free visit in exchange for an email address can be a smart way to get some people to visit your clinic.

But keep in mind that those freebies might busy up your schedule, and that can be a problem if your clinic is already busy most days. Otherwise, it can be a good way to make new customers.

Now, let’s talk about eBooks. Though writing an ebook can take time and effort, if written correctly, it’s like an evergreen gem. It keeps bringing in potential clients even years after you first hit “publish.”

Keeping lead generation for chiropractors in mind, some interesting topics you can write an ebook on include:

  • A guide on how to relieve back pain
  • A guide on how to build your immune system
  • A guide on how to correct your posture

…the list goes on

Source: Wisepops

2. Leverage Social Media Campaigns

Being active on their social media pages, like Facebook and Instagram is another great way for chiropractors to find new patients.

However, only creating a social media page just doesn’t do it. You need to appear active on it as well – posting regularly and interacting with your followers does the trick. 

With more than 2 billion users, Facebook offers businesses unmatched potential of connecting with potential customers. However, for people to be actually interested in your service, you would need to create and upload valuable content that catches their attention.

For this, you can use your social media pages to announce special offers, share exciting news, and talk about topics that your audience would be interested in.

Here’s a tip from us: try posting something cool every day, have a new topic each week, and run special promotions every month. It’s a strategy that many successful healthcare providers use, and it works like a charm!

Source: G2S technology

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3. Ask Your Customers for Online Reviews

Online reputation is like a spotlight for businesses that can either draw in new patients or send them running, which is why it’s crucial to know how to respond to those online reviews.

Do you know that the majority of people trust online reviews as much as recommendations from their friends? Yep, that’s true. This means that genuine online reviews from your customers can help boost your business and have new customers walking in frequently.

For building a shiny online reputation, you will need to ask your happy patients to write their reviews about your chiropractors on websites like Google Reviews and Yelp.

Source: Acquire.io

You can also spread the good vibes by sharing these patient shout-outs on your website or in videos. This will help potential chiropractor leads to see them right away. Just a simple ask for a thumbs-up can work wonders for your practice.

But, what about the bad reviews? We’ve got a solution for that as well!  You can use negative reviews as a chance to patch things up with customers who weren’t satisfied with the service. Fixing things up shows potential patients that your business really cares about customer satisfaction, and that’s a big win for any business!

4. Provide Ergonomics Training to Nearby Offices

Office workers often have a tough time with long hours at their desks, and that’s where chiropractors can step in like heroes! A lot of people in offices might be silently struggling with back and neck pain, not knowing where to turn for help. Guess what? Your chiropractic practice could be the solution to their problem!

Here’s a good tip for your business: pay a visit to local offices near you and talk to them about ergonomics training. You could be the solution they’ve been waiting for!

You can also offer businesses a free workshop on things like having good posture or keeping their backs healthy. The next time these people think about visiting a chiropractor, your name might pop up in their mind.

Moreover, don’t forget to take a picture whenever you visit another business and share it on your social media. If you tag the business, they’ll probably share it with their friends, and your business will keep on growing. 

5. Work on Your SEO Strategy

According to stats, 95 % of search traffic goes to first-page results on Google and other search engines. So, if you’re not working on your SEO strategy, there’s a lot of potential you’re losing on.

Let’s check some practical local SEO tips for your chiropractic business:

  • Start off by creating a Google My Business profile to ensure the visibility of your business on Google search results.
  • Don’t forget about Bing! Even though Google is the big shot, Bing still has about 2% of people using it for searches. So, why not cover all your bases?
  • Your address and contact information should be present on your website. If possible, also provide a pin that can help people find you on Google maps.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of blogging! Create lots of helpful, unique blog posts. Make sure to include high-ranking keywords as well.
  • Website load speed affects your SEO ranking more than you can imagine. Make sure your website loads fast. You can check this using Google PageSpeed Insights. 
  • Make sure to get some high-quality websites to link to yours. This helps boost the authority score of your website, ultimately moving you above your competitors in the search results.
  • Provide necessary business info ( name, address, phone number) on sites that collect business details. You can do this using tools like Yext and Moz Local. 
Source: Digitalismedical

By following these tips you’ll be on your way to the top of the search results! You can also use an all-in-one solution like GoHighLevel to create funnels, design your website,  track SEO efforts, and more.


In conclusion, by implementing these 5 best strategies for lead generation for chiropractors, you can boost your business and create a lasting impact on your customers. Get ready to watch your client base grow and your chiropractic business flourish!

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