From Small to Smart: Chatbot Examples for Small Businesses

chatbot examples

Chatbots have become quite the buzz in the business world today. The majority of big corporations have already integrated chatbots into their operations. Additionally, many small businesses are also embracing this trend to keep up with the competition and bolster growth.

In today’s blog we are going to look at the benefits of chatbots for small business and explore some chatbot examples. Keep reading to find out all about it!

Some Important Chatbot Stats

  • According to Accenture Digital, 56% of businesses state that chatbots are causing significant changes in their industry. 
  • MIT Technology reveals that 90% of businesses experience quicker complaint resolution through the use of bots. 
  • Juniper Research projects that by 2023, chatbots will save a total of 2.5 billion hours for both businesses and consumers. 
  • According to Tidio, about 3 in 4 companies that introduced chatbots are satisfied with the results.
Source: Thrivemyway

Elevating Small Business Growth: The Emergence of Chatbots

Running a small business comes with a whole set of challenges. Most small business owners struggle to juggle with multiple tasks at the same time. 

Think about it; a small business owner needs to develop a marketing strategy, manage their product, attract new leads, and retain the current customers. 

On top of that most small businesses are not equipped with employees on their staff due to financial constraints. All of this, combined with managing financial challenges and providing customers 24/7 can lead to a great deal of inconvenience 

A limited workforce handling numerous tasks simultaneously usually results in tiredness and fatigue. This not only affects business growth but also product quality.

Imagine if you could make sales easier, streamline your work processes, and use automation to handle customer queries. What if you had the opportunity to save both time and money? Fortunately, chatbot softwares make this possible.

Source: DataScienceCentral

Across industries, companies are discovering the potential of conversational bots—to help automate and streamline activities, improve enterprise productivity, and boost employee and customer engagement. While the earliest versions of conversational bots were simple response platforms, today’s AI-powered bots are much more powerful—and will only become more sophisticated and capable in the coming years. –

Accenture Digital

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4 Best Chatbot Examples for Small Businesses

Let’s check out the top 4 exceptional chatbot examples that are revolutionizing business operations for small businesses.

1. Chatfuel

Chatfuel is a popular chatbot tool that works with instagram, Messenger, and Facebook. The best part about this platform is that you don’t need any prior experience or coding expertise to operate it. This makes it one of the best chatbot examples for small businesses.

A lot of big businesses are using chatfuel such as T-mobile, Adidas, and TechCrunch. It is also becoming increasingly popular among small businesses. It can be used for customer satisfaction, scaling business, and increasing leads.  


  • Free trial: 50 conversations
  • Entrepreneur: $14,99/month
  • Startup: $29,99/month
  • Small business: $54,99/month

2. Tidio

Tidio is another live chatbox examples that allows businesses to engage with their clients with online and mobile-friendly chatbots, Messenger chatbots, etc. The simple-to-use dashboard it features allows businesses to respond to all customer queries from any location at any time.

 It also allows you to automate responses and create conversation funnels. The straightforward features and slick design of this platform makes it a popular choice among small businesses.


  • Free plan available
  • Communicator ($19/mo/operator)
  • Chatbots ($39/mo)
  • Tidio+ (from $289/mo)

3. ChatBot

ChatBot is one of the top choices of businesses that want to implement a 24/7 customer care chatbot. With useful features such as list creation, drip campaigns etc, businesses using this software are able to collect leads effectively. 

It is an excellent chatbot example for businesses that are looking to automate their Facebook business page communication even if they have no knowledge on how to use chatbots and Messenger. The tools come with plenty of education and training material on how to use its features.


  • Free AI chatbot available
  • InstaChimp Platinum: $19/mo
  • MobileMonkey Startup Edition: $119/month

4. ProProfs Chat

Another great chatbot example is ProProfs Chat. This live chat software offers quick customer support and helps engage website visitors. Implementing this chatbot is a fairly easy and quick process. 

You can easily build conversation flows with the simple drag-and-drop editor it offers. Moreover, you can tailor your bots to match your brand’s theme. Lastly, you can avail their 14-day free trial to test out different features such as intelligent routing and prefabricated responses.


  • Monthly plan: $29,99
  • Annual plan: $239.88 

Benefits of Chatbots for Small Businesses

Chatbots are a very powerful tool for small businesses. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why chatbots for small businesses have become an absolute must.

Improve response time 

Customers expect businesses to be available around the clock (even when the business is closed). With chatbots, you can offer 24/7 assistance to your customers. This is especially useful if you have customers from different time zones. Through automating tasks such as answering simple and repetitive queries, your customer service representatives can focus on more complex tasks. 

Improve customer satisfaction

One of the biggest advantages of chatbots is that they help boost customer satisfaction. Chatbots can also be programmed to welcome new customers by sending greetings.Other than that, chatbots can also send proactive messages to inquire about customer experience. Similar chatbot examples include the popup chat bars you see when you visit a website.

Lower support costs 

Chatbots can actually help cut down on your support costs. By taking care of common questions with automated responses, they free up your human customer service and sales reps from having to answer every little query. This not only saves money on salaries but also eases the workload for your team.

And that’s not all – these smart chatbots are pretty good at handling multiple questions at once. So, you won’t need to hire extra staff during those busy times. With lower support costs, you’ll have more resources to invest in other areas that can drive growth and make your business even better.

Lower shopping cart abandonment

Chatbots successfully help reduce shopping cart abandonment rates. By answering questions, offering discounts and assisting with the checkout process, customers enjoy a more enjoyable and smoothie shopping experience. In case any customer encounters an issue, a chatbot is always there to see what went wrong or offer a nice coupon. This usually convinces customers to complete their purchase.


To wrap things up, the surge in chatbots is a really exciting chance for small businesses to succeed in the constantly changing business world. The benefits of having a chatbot for your businesses are undoubtedly remarkable. When these chatbot examples are smoothly added to different parts of a business, like helping customers or finding potential leads, it opens up new ways to work better and give customers even better experiences.

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