Gohighlevel pricing 2023- Which pricing plan is best for you?

Before we talk about the Gohighlevel pricing, it is important to understand a bit about this Marketing CRM and what value it can offer, so you can make a decision whether Gohighlevel is a good fit for you or not.

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to get clarity about gohighlevel and decide:

  • If gohighlevel is the right crm for you
  • If this marketing crm is worth the investment
  • If it’s worth it, what’s the best plan for me to choose

What is Gohighlevel? 

gohighlevel pricing
Credits: GoHighLevel Site

Gohighlevel or HighLevel is an All-in-One smart marketing CRM that offers a powerful set of tools and possibilities that enables marketing agencies or businesses to automate and scale their business. 

What can gohighlevel crm help you with?

If you use a combination of tools/ softwares to run your business (like clickfunnels, mailchimp, Klaviyo etc. ) you will be excited to know that GHL (Gohighlevel) offers all those tools and features that those softwares combined. 

An average marketer uses more than 12 tools/ softwares to manage campaigns/ data. Now imagine if you could replace 80% of these with just 1 tool. 

It will not only save you a lot of money you usually spend on software subscriptions but also save you a ton of time you need to integrate these softwares with each other.

As stated by Gohighlevel on their official site, it is a power-packed tool, trusted by more than 10,000 marketers and business owners. 

To learn more about HighLevel and what value it brings, let’s go through some of it’s key features and use-cases.

Gohighlevel features and use cases

Highlevel offers a wide range of features that every marketing agency/ business needs. 

Unlike some usual marketing CRMs/ tools that are only built for a specific purpose (e.g. email marketing), Gohighlevel’s features cater to omni-channel marketing. 

Here’s a list of all of HighLevel’s key features:

GoHighLevel FeaturesDescription/ Use case
Funnel/ Website builderIt allows you to create interactive and high quality landing pages/ funnels. You can also build a full website right inside Highlevel
Email marketingSend email broadcasts/ create automated email drip sequences and track opens, clicks and much more.
2 ways sms/ Sms marketingThis feature allows you to send sms broadcasts to your leads/ customers. You can also have a real time sms conversation right inside this platform.
Smart and automated PipelineOrganize leads based on their interest in your offer/ program in a smart and automated way, without touching a thing.
Calendar scheduling and appointments managementYou can create unlimited calendars (single person or team calendars) and send automated appointment reminders to increase your show up percentage.
Live calls/ power dialer/ call recordingHigh Level allows you to make live calls/ receive calls through its website and/or mobile app. You can view all your call recordings and even send/ receive voicemails. 
Bulk import and export listsIf you have an existing list of leads/ customers you can easily import/ export them into/ out of Highlevel with a single click.
Automation and workflowsHighlevel allows you to create scenarios to increase your leads conversion. For example, you can create a scenario that whenever a new lead comes in from a facebook ad, send that person an automated message and if he/she replies, assign the lead to a specific sales agent and connect them on a call. Amazing! Isn’t it?
A wide range of integrationsGohighlevel offers a lot of native integrations including Facebook, Instagram, Google my business, Shopify, Manychat, Zapier etc.
Whitelabel HighLevel/ SAASYou can whitelabel the entire platform and sell it as your own software with your branding and in the niche you desire. The White-label and SAAS mode enables you to do it.

Gohighlevel price- How much does it cost?

To use GoHighLevel the most basic investment you’d have to make is $97. Based on how you plan to use it, GHL (GoHighLevel) offers 3 pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan
  • Agency Plan
  • White-label/ SAAS mode (Upgrade on Agency Plan)

Gohighlevel Pricing Plans

Let’s compare all three Gohighlevel pricing plans to each other to get more clarity on what plan could be best for you.

Basic planAgency PlanWhite-label/ SAAS Upgrade
$97/ month$297/ monthAdditional $497/ month (You need to pay for Agency plan as well for this)- Total $794/ month
Single account- Setup 1 client or use for your own agencyCreate unlimited accounts as you’d like for yourself, your clients or other businessesUnlimited sub-accounts/ client accounts
No white-labelling option. White-label domain/ Use your own domain and branding on HighLevelComplete white-label mode. Brand and Package the entire CRM and sell it as your own at your own prices
Best for new agencies/ businesses/ self-employed marketersBest for agencies/ marketers with at least 3 or more clients/ other businessesBest for entrepreneurs and sales experts
gohighlevel pricing

GoHighLevel vs. All other marketing tools/ softwares

On average, based on the usage of marketers and marketing agencies GoHighLevel can potentially replace 3-5 tools that you might be using. Here is a list of features that other tools/ softwares are providing that GoHighLevel easily replaces. 

Instead of paying $1400 a month for all these features, you can easily settle with GoHighLevel and save a ton of money and most importantly, your time.

Credits: gohighlevel

Clickfunnels vs. GoHighLevel

A lot of marketers and marketing agencies rely on clickfunnels for building funnels. While clickfunnels is a great software, a lot of marketers have recently started shifting to GoHighLevel mainly because of two main reasons:

  • Clickfunnels can help you create funnels and generate leads, send them emails while GHL allows you to go a lot farther than that. You can send automated sms, nurture leads and convert them better.
  • GHL offers all the features that clickfunnels does and more, in almost similar pricing.

Here’s some comparison of what you get in Clickfunnels vs. GoHighLevel.

Build funnels (with Upsells/ Downsells)Yes ✅Yes ✅
Build websitesYes ✅Yes ✅
White-label domainYes ✅Yes ✅
Payment Gateways (Stripe/ Paypal)Yes ✅Yes ✅
Create membershipsYes ✅Yes ✅
2 way Email and Sms communication/ marketingNo ❌Yes ✅
Smart pipeline/ leads managementNo ❌Yes ✅
AutomationNo ❌Yes ✅
Live Phone CallsNo ❌Yes ✅
Automated follow up with leadsNo ❌Yes ✅

Clickfunnels vs. GoHighLevel price

In terms of pricing plans, clickfunnels and gohighlevel pricing is almost the same. Both start at $97/ month but gohighlevel offers a wide range of features that gives it an edge over clickfunnels.

Is Gohighlevel pricing justified?

Based on the comparison between GoHighLevel and its competitors, Gohighlevel pricing is a lot more affordable. As you can see from the comparison below, Highlevel clearly stands out as the most affordable CRM despite having a ton of valuable features.

Software Starting price
GoHighLevel$97/ month
Clickfunnels$97/ month
Podium$189/ month

Is Gohighlevel right for me/ my business?

Now that you have read all about what Go High Level does, how much it costs and how it compares to other renowned marketing softwares, it’s decision time!

While HighLevel is one of the best and most promising CRM out there, it may or may not be helpful for you. Because having access to great tools is one thing, but if you don’t know how to use them the right way, you will not be able to succeed.

Is GoHighLevel a great tool? Yes!

Will this save me money and time? Absolutely!

But will this guarantee my success? No! This will definitely get you on the right path but you still need a strategy, hard work and most importantly the knowledge of this tool. 

If knowledge of this tool is the only thing holding you back, that’s not a big issue. You can book a free 1 hour consultancy session with beingmarketer where we will:

  • Help you understand this tool better and show you exactly how to use it
  • How you can integrate this tool into your business
  • How to move to this tool from your other tools (managing old data/ leads etc.)

If you are already familiar with this tool/ software, you can still get a 14 day free trial.

gohighlevel pricing

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