GoHighLevel vs ClickFunnels – Which is Better For Agencies?

GoHighLevel vs ClickFunnels

GohighLevel and ClickFunnel are both the leading platforms for email marketing automation, online selling, and the creation of sales funnels in 2023.

Considering the number of useful features both platforms offer, it is becoming increasingly confusing for marketers to choose between the two.

This article talks about detailed GoHighLevel vs ClickFunnels comparison to assist you in picking the best solution for your business operations.

What is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is a SaaS product that has been designed for agencies. It is also called an ‘all-in-one’ solution for marketing agencies as it features all tools you would need for marketing, sales, and CRM tasks, all in one dashboard.

This allows agencies to cut down on the cost and effort they put in using separate marketing softwares such as  ClickFunnels, Mailchimp, Teachable, WordPress, Pipeline, Calendly, Hubspot, SalesForce, Woodpecker, and even more. 

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GoHighLevel Features

GoHighLevel offers the following features:

Lead Generation: GoHighLevel allows you to create landing pages, forms, and pop-ups to collect info from visitors to your website. Plus, you’ve got SMS and email marketing to connect with potential customers and build that trust factor. Hence, you don’t need to invest in different lead generator tools.

Marketing Automation: Time to put your marketing on autopilot! GoHighLevel lets you set up automatic email and SMS sequences. This way, you’re nurturing leads and sliding them through your sales funnel without even lifting a finger. Moreover, you can also schedule social media posts and see how your campaigns are doing.

CRM: Say hello to organized customer relationships! GoHighLevel’s CRM keeps tabs on all your interactions – emails, calls, texts – you name it. And here’s the cool part: you can slice and dice your customers based on what they’re into and send them targeted emails or texts.

Sales Pipeline Management: Got leads making their way through your sales journey? GoHighLevel’s got you covered. Keep track of where your leads are, and even set up automatic check-ins to guide them forward.

Analytics and Reporting: Time for some numbers! GoHighLevel hands you all the analytics and reports you need. Check out your website traffic, see if people are opening your emails, and figure out where you can boost your game. And yep, your sales team’s performance is right there too.

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What is ClickFunnels?

If you’re a new business owner looking to create sales funnels that help turn leads into customers, then ClickFunnels is the right choice for you.

ClickFunnels is an online tool that helps build landing pages, sales pages, and complete sales funnels – all of which helps potential customers to buy the product/service you offer.

In simpler words – It’s designed to help you sell things online and it’s very useful in making sales funnels effective at getting you customers.

What sets ClickFunnels apart from similar softwares is how user-friendly it is. It features a drag-and-drop editor that lets you put all the different parts of your sales funnel together like a jigsaw puzzle. You don’t need to be some coding whiz to use it – it’s quite intuitive itself.

Moreover, ClickFunnels is compatible with other tools you might be using. So if you’re using your favorite email marketing tool or a payment system, you can connect it with ClickFunnels. That way, you’ve got everything under one roof, which makes running your sales show very easy.

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ClickFunnels Features

ClickFunnels offers the following features:

Sales Funnel Builder: When it comes to building sales funnels, ClickFunnels is like your trusty helper that’s always there to assist. No matter the type of funnel you want to make – be it for getting people interested, making sales, or hosting web events – you’ve got the tools to build it just the way you want.

Landing Page Builder: Landing pages that stand out? Check! With ClickFunnels you can build effective and beautiful landing pages. It offers various templates to pick from that can be easily customized. Match your style and brand like a pro.

Membership Site Builder: ClickFunnels makes it possible to create membership sites quickly and effortlessly. It also offers different access levels for members and the option to feed them content gradually to keep them hooked.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is crucial to boost your businesses. Luckily, ClickFunnels has email marketing tools in its toolbox. Not only is this feature very easy to use but it also offers several templates to choose from. You can also save time and improve results by automating your email campaigns.

Affiliate Program Management: Lastly, with clickfunnels classic affiliate program feature you can create and manage your affiliate program. With this feature, you can recruit affiliates to promote your products and services, track their performance and pay them commissions.

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Pricing and Plans for GoHighLevel vs ClickFunnels

When it comes to pricing and plans of GoHighLevel vs ClickFunnels, both offer a range of options to fit different needs and budgets.

GoHighLevel Pricing

GoHighLevel presents three main plans: Starter, Unlimited, and Agency Pro. The Starter plan comes at $97 per month, but it’s limited in its features. If you’re looking for full access and are ready to go big, the Unlimited plan is $297 per month. It gives you access to all features, although it does have a cap of 5,000 contacts.

Then, there’s the Agency Pro plan, which is $497 per month. With this plan, you not only get full access, but you can also resell GoHighLevel as if it’s your own product and pocket all the profit. This one’s particularly useful for agencies or freelancers who want to offer GoHighLevel as part of their service lineup.

You can also try GoHighLevel trial for 14 days.

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ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels also has three main plans: Basic, Pro, and Funnel Hacker. If you’re looking to start things off, the Basic plan is $147 per month. It lets you work with up to 20 funnels and unlimited pages.

Stepping it up, the Pro plan is $197 per month. This one gets you 100 funnels and pages, plus some extra features to sweeten the deal.

For the power users out there, the Funnel Hacker plan is priced at $297 per month.

Both platforms do offer more plans and pricing options. This includes things like yearly plans at a discounted rate and special offers for people who are new to the platforms.

One thing to keep in mind is that while ClickFunnels has a lower starting price, if you’re looking to sell the software to your clients, GoHighLevel’s Agency Pro plan might actually be the more cost-effective choice for agencies and freelancers.

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Which One is Easier to Use?

When evaluating ease of use and user interface between GoHighLevel vs ClickFunnels, both come with their own benefits and limitations. However, in comparison of both ClickFunnels wins the lead for simplicity and an intuitive interface, making it an excellent choice for beginners.

ClickFunnels offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. This means that you don’t need any coding skills to use it. The platform’s onboarding process is commendable at guiding beginners towards funnel-building experience.

Thanks to its clean layout, you can find everything you need to build a funnel in one place.

On the other hand, GoHighLevel offers a larger variety of features, which may, for some users, present a slightly steeper learning curve. Despite this, the drag-and-drop editor remains easily accessible, allowing for easy and hassle-free funnel building.

Which One Offers Better Integration and Compatibility?

Both GoHighLevel vs ClickFunnels offer versatile solutions to connect with various tools and platforms.

GoHighLevel features a robust API  that helps you connect virtually any desired tool or platform. Furthermore, GoHighLevel has a growing integration marketplace that includes popular names such as Zapier, Mailchimp, and Stripe.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels offers a limited number of integrations. While they do offer integration with Zapier, they lack a dedicated marketplace comparable to GoHighLevel. Therefore, you might need to employ third-party tools for specific integrations.

As far as compatibility is concerned, both platforms are compatible with a large number of devices and browsers. It’s important to note, however, that GoHighLevel is a newer software and might not have undergone as extensive device testing as ClickFunnels.

In summary of GoHighLevel vs ClickFunnels for integration and compatibility, both stand strong. Yet, if extensive integration options and workflow automation are pivotal, then GoHighLevel takes the lead.

GoHighLevel vs ClickFunnels – Which One’s Better?

After a thorough analysis of GoHighLevel vs ClickFunnels, GoHigh level emerges as a better option for marketing agencies looking for an all-in-one marketing solution.

While ClickFunnels is an excellent choice primarily for sales funnels, GoHighLevel offers a larger number of features that cater to agencies in effectively managing their entire marketing spectrum.

Through GoHighLevel, users can effortlessly create and oversee landing pages, websites, membership sites and more, within the same platform.

Furthermore, GoHighLevel’s white-labeling capabilities empower agencies to tailor the platform’s appearance to match their brand identity, fostering client trust and projecting a more polished professional image.

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