Effective LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies for B2B Marketing

Linkedin lead generation

In the world of B2B, LinkedIn has emerged as a shining star, allowing businesses to scale unlike ever before. In fact, businesses that are yet to tap into the potential of Linkedin lead generation are likely to be losing on the opportunity to boost profits and reach a broader customer base.

However, simply using LinkedIn for for lead generation just doesn’t cut it you need to have an effective strategy in place . Not sure how that works? We’ve got you covered!

In today’s blog we are going to look at some of the best strategies for LinkedIn lead generation for B2B businesses. 

Some Interesting linkedin Lead Generation Statistics 

Using LinkedIn for finding potential business customers (B2B lead generation) offers several benefits.

Source: Foundation Marketing

Benefits of LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Businesses look to invest where it counts most. Recently, Linkedin has become one of the most powerful tools for lead generation It’s trusted, it’s effective , and it covers a wide range of B2B audiences.

  • Decision-makers –Linkedin is the go-to social platform among employees, decision makers, and senior level influencers of 500 companies. This means most of your target audience is probably using it already.
  • Professional Hub – Most Linkedin users use the platform to stay updated with their company and network. Businesses can generate leads and sales on Linkedin by offering a solution that is tailored to their needs.
  • Active user base – Around 310 out of a total of 700 million total LinkedIn users use the platform every month. This provides businesses a valuable opportunity to engage with them regularly.
  • B2B targeting audience —When it comes to targeting a B2B audience, LinkedIn ads lets you get specific. While other platforms like Facebook let you target users based on their job title or employer, LinkedIn makes reaching your target audience simpler due to its extensive range of targeting options.

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Top LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies for B2B Businesses

A well-thought strategy is like a magic potion for your businesses. The fastest way to boost sales is to keep developing a strategy that aligns with your target audience. To generate B2B leads, your marketing and sales teams must be willing to experiment, learn, and put new ideas into action. 

Let’s check out some of the tested and proven LinkedIn B2B lead generation strategies for businesses..

1. Publish content regularly 

According to stats, LinkedIn is the best social platform for B2B marketers to create and share content. Weekly, there are a staggering 9 billion content views on LinkedIn feeds. However, the number of users that share content weekly falls below 3 million.

One of the most effective ways for lead generation through linkedin is by posting engaging content daily. It is recommended to share at least two posts a week for consistent engagement.

Some tips to make your content stand out include: 

  • Define your LinkedIn target audience
  • Keep text posts brief and to the point.
  • Utilize video content to capture your audience’s interest.
  • Inject personality and intrigue into your posts.
  • Limit the use of excessive links.
  • Initiate discussions to boost post engagement

You can also make use of Linkedin Pulse for posting long-form articles. This platform helps businesses reach a large professional audience using LinkedIn for lead generation

Source: Orbit Media Studios

2. Refine content-based retargeting

Audiences can be divided into groups based on location, demographics, interests, job roles, and more. It’s also possible to target every group separately based on their previous engagement with your business. 

For instance, you can send personalized emails to individuals who share content related to your product category. Additionally, you can target those who engage with B2B content on your company page. You can also study the behavior of the customers engaging with your brand to target the ones that have not interacted with your brand yet. 

One smart tactic is to use your top-performing LinkedIn posts to create similar content on topics that receive the most engagement.

3. Use lead generation forms

Lead generation forms on LinkedIn have an average conversion rate of 13%, making it a great tool for data collection. These forms are very convenient for customers to provide their details to companies they are interested in.

If you include a LinkedIn Lead Generation form in your Linkedin lead generation campaign, the form will fill in the prospect’s info when they click the ad. They just have to type their email and click “submit.” These forms work well on mobiles too.

Source: Linkedin

4. Offer value in return

Linkedin provides businesses a great opportunity to market their product. But again, it must be done with proper strategy! Remember, LinkedIn is a platform that focuses on networking, not selling. 

Avoid using it solely for pitching your products. Instead, think about how your paid ad efforts on LinkedIn can be used to enhance lead engagement, For example, provide exclusive content in return for participating in a survey. This way, you gather valuable data and insights for more meaningful follow-ups as leads progress.

5. Be active on LinkedIn groups

If you’re looking for a shortcut to increase your reach among target audiences, then consider joining Linkedin groups related to your industry. LinkedIn groups are spaces that allow users to share their ideas and discussions on topics related to the group.

For example, businesses that sell advertising softwares to other brands can join marketing groups to promote their products and show their expertise.  LinkedIn Digital Marketing Group is one popular example of a LinkedIn group with more than 2 million members. Most of the members are actively sharing thoughts on fresh marketing concepts. 

Groups like these not only provide your business the opportunity to collect new leads but also let you gather insights and data related to your target audience.

However, keep in mind to not post direct advertisements in groups. Instead, try to answer commonly asked questions with a reference or recommendation to your product. Your goal should be to inform and educate rather than to simply sell.


In conclusion, mastering effective LinkedIn lead generation strategies in the B2B marketing world is the key for success. By using the power of platforms like LinkedIn, businesses can tap into a vast audience of professionals and decision-makers. Leveraging targeted ads, personalized content, and thoughtful engagement within the platforms ecosystem provides a potent formula for lead generation via linkedin.

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