SEO in Social Media – What It Is and How Does It Work in 2023

Seo in social media

SEO plays a crucial role in helping businesses expand. Fortunately , most companies are now aware of the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). However, for some reason, too many still ignore the tremendous opportunities that social media offers. 

If you aren’t leveraging social media for your business, there’s a lot you’re missing out on. It’s about time you start planning an effective social media strategy combined with SEO efforts to get the most out of it.  In this blog, we are going to talk about SEO in social media, why it’s important, and its benefits.

What is Social Media SEO?

Social SEO is using social media as an indirect tool to improve your website’s search ranking. Though social media doesn’t have a direct impact on search engine ranking, sharing your content on it helps better attract potential customers through search. It also helps build customer loyalty, increase brand awareness, and improve traffic.

How Does Social Media Impact SEO?

According to BrightEdge, SEO drives 1,000%+ more traffic than organic social media.

So, how exactly does social media help with seo? Let’s check out some of the benefits of SEO in social media.

  • Content Amplification: It helps your content reach a wider audience, especially when it’s not on the first page of search results, ensuring more people discover and enjoy it.
  • Building Brand Awareness: Social media exposure boosts your online presence. When your name pops up in search results, people already recognize it from their social feeds.
  • Trust and Credibility: It enhances your industry reputation, especially when someone’s researching you based on a recommendation. Your strong online presence builds trust.
  • Link-Building: The more places your content shows up, the higher the chance of earning SEO-friendly backlinks when other websites reference it. This improves your site’s authority.
  • Local SEO: By utilizing business profile details and customer reviews, social media helps enhance your local presence and ranking.
Source: Cognitive SEO

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3 Key Reasons to Elevate Your Social Media SEO Strategy

One of the biggest reasons for businesses to work on their social media strategy is to improve visibility and increase the number of organic visitors to their website. 

On the other hand, the goal of social media marketing is to ensure that your content reaches the right audience. 

Both social media SEO and social media marketing work together. That’s why search engines are evolving to be more social, and social networks are transforming into valuable search engines.

Since both impact each other, it is important to incorporate a solid SEO plan in an effective social media strategy. Let’s check out some of the reasons why you must give importance to SEO in social media.

1. Social media content gets indexed

Publishing relevant content on social media on a regular basis can help boost your content marketing campaign. Just like online websites, social media posts can also get crawled and indexed by search engine spiders.

However, for social media content to get indexed in Google’s vast index, the content must be relevant.

For instance, if you search Michelle Obama, you will find most top results of her social media profiles. This is because it is relevant to the search query.

Likewise, if your blogpost is shared on Twitter or Facebook, there are more chances of it getting indexed quicker.

Source: Ayrshare

2. It helps build authority

Search engines really pay attention to how authoritative a website is, and that’s a big deal in the world of SEO. 

According to search engines, a high domain value equals high authority. This also means your website is more likely to rank above websites with a lower authority.

The secret recipe to improve your page authority is to keep publishing high-quality content and gain relevant backlinks. 

Since social media is the largest content distribution engine, your authority on social media directly impacts your website’s authority. That’s why it’s important to include it in your content marketing plan. 

By publishing your content on social media and building an engaged network of social media followers, your content has more relevant places to live. And the more relevant places it lives in, the higher the authority will be.

Source: Sprout social

3. It involves real people

The best strategy to get the most out of your search engine optimization in social media efforts is to ensure that the content you produce and publish has a human touch to it.

Nowadays, only depending on the technical factors of SEO such as keywords research just doesn’t cut it. You must have a proper strategy in place. 

Social media is a crucial part of SEO because it is made up of real people. Beyond just content, social media plays a vital role in search. It allows you to segment your audience and precisely target the people you’re aiming for. It is also one of the best platforms to actually get to know your audience.

With social media, you’re fully aware of where your content resides, who’s consuming and sharing it, and the type of influence it’s generating. From our perspective, this is enormously significant for SEO.

Source: Oberlo

5 tips to incorporate SEO in Social Media

Let’s have a look at some useful tips that you can use to incorporate SEO in social media.

  1. Aligning Keyword Research with Content Topics : Create content around keywords that rank well. This can help your marketing team generate ideas for content that’s suitable for sharing on social media platforms.  Also, make sure to refresh older content to keep its relevance.
  2. Prioritize Quality Content for Social Sharing: Instead of focusing on quantity of posts, focus on quality. Create content that resonates with your target audience and resonates well across different social media channels, boosting engagement.
  3. Revive Evergreen Content with Social Promotion: Revisit the evergreen content that’s performing well in search engine results and attracting engagement. Analyze what worked effectively and consider sharing it again on social media. Evergreen content tends to maintain its performance over time.
  4. Optimize Images for SEO and Social Sharing: Optimize your images for sharing across various channels. Strike a balance between visual impact and textual content, aiming for 80% visual and 20% copy. Make sure images are appropriately sized for the web and social media to ensure optimal sharing.
  5. Enhance Social Media Profiles for SEO: Craft well-optimized social media profiles. When users visit your social media profiles, they should find all the necessary information about your brand. Ensure your profiles are informative and professional, featuring multiple contact options and links back to your main website.


In the dynamic world of social media, integrating SEO isn’t just an option – it’s a game-changer. By infusing SEO in social media posts and profiles, you’re opening doors for your content to shine amid the digital noise. Boost visibility, engage your audience, and forge connections that matter. SEO in social media? It’s your secret weapon for online success.

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